Welcome to the Free Trial of the SensiML Toolkit

The free version of the SensiML Toolkit gives you a way to learn the process for automated machine learning based sensor algorithm development and to evaluate many of the software's features prior to purchasing a subscription.

Where do I get started?

The SensiML Toolkit is made up of three applications. The Data Capture Lab, Analytics Studio, and TestApp. You can download these applications from the link below

SoftwareDownload Link
SensiML ToolkitDownload

Download the Quick Start Guide to see a quick overview of how to use some of the features in the SensiML Toolkit

User GuideDownload Link
Free Trial - Quick Start GuideGo to Tutorial

This goal of this guide to show you a high level overview of the end-to-end workflow. It follows one of the projects in that come with your free trial account. The free trial version of the software is in read-only mode in order to allow you to evaluate the SensiML Toolkit before paying for a subscription.

Free Trial Projects and Limitations

  • Your free trial account comes with pre-collected projects that allow you explore the tools with real data sets that can be used on device
  • As a free trial user you will only have access to the data sets that come with a free trial account. When you upgrade your subscription you will be able to collect and build your own data sets.
  • The projects have already been added to your account by default
  • Open the Data Capture Lab and Login
  • Click Open Project... and you will see the list of projects available as a free trial user

Note: The free trial projects cannot be modified. Start a subscription at https://sensiml.com/products/#purchase to unlock the ability to create your own data sets!

Minimum Requirements

Windows: Windows 10 Fall Creators Update (Version 1709, October 2017)

Android: Android KitKat 4.2

Bluetooth Module: Bluetooth 4.0

Data Depot

You can find more information about the data sets that come with a free trial at https://datadepot.sensiml.com/

Other Helpful Links